Friday, February 13, 2009

EU R&D-Intensity 2006

The figure above shows the R&D Intensity in EU Member States. R&D Intensity is defined as the Gross domestic expenditure on R&D (GERD) as % of GDP.

The stability of EU-27 R&D intensity at EU-27 level disguises quite different situations and developments across Member States. The EU-27 Member States and the Associated States are divided into four groups according to the level of R&D intensity:
  • a group of Member States with high R&D-intensities: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Austria
    and Germany. Of the Associated States, Switzerland, Iceland and Israel have similar or higher R&D intensities;
  • a group of three Member States with medium-high R&D intensities close to the EU-27 average: France, Belgium and the United Kingdom;
  • a group of countries with medium-low R&D intensities (1 % to 1.7 %) composed of nine
    Member States and Norway;
  • a group of countries with low R&D intensities (less than 1 % of GDP) composed of twelve
    Member States, Turkey and Croatia.
Greece's R&D Intensity was 0.57 in 2006 when the EU-27 average was 1.84%; ranked 21st in EU-27. In 2004 Greece's R&D Intensity was 0.6% and EU-25 average was 1.8%; ranked 21st in EU-25. The target for 2010 is set to 1.5% (EU-25 estimate: 2.6%).

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