Tuesday, April 16, 2013

EU Innovation & Competitiveness 2011

EU Innovation and Competitiveness Report - 2011
This is one of the most comprehensive reports regarding EU's innovation and competitiveness (dated, June 2011). It's a 765 page report spanning several interesting topics. The report is divided into three main parts:
  • Part I: Investment and performance in R&D - Investing in the future
  • Part II: A European Research Area open to the world
  • Part III: Towards an innovative Europe - contributing to the Innovation Union
Here is the full report (~44MB).

Overall Picture

Since this is a huge report, my suggestion would be to first have a look to the overall picture. The following report shows how Europe is positioned in research and innovation in the world and provides insights about the new geography of knowledge.

Country Profiles 

If you are interested for a fact-sheet detailing  a specific country's profile, then follow the research and innovation performance by country page.


Here is the one about Greece's  research and innovation performance.


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